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Fix Bugs & Laptop Issues

In the present your laptop is your complete working station. You can work anywhere with your laptop. But sometimes people face some common issues with their laptop. In this article we discuss on the common computer problems which the persons facing on their workstation. Here we also discuss on how to fix bugs and other problems in the laptop.

There are so many common computer problems which persons facing in their laptop. Persons searching professionals and experts to fix the problems and spend huge money on them. But there are so many common problems which you can easily fix by your own. That’s why we take the best solutions of some most common issues which the users facing in their laptop.


1. Laptop is running slow: This is one of the most common issues which the users facing in their windows laptop. Their computer load program very slow or respond on the command very delay. It happens because of some many different reasons. But if you are facing this problem then first reboot your laptop. Then delete all the junk files in the recycle bin that you have deleted. These recycle bin files take the storage space and because of that your laptop speed gets slow. After that, delete some C:disk files from your PC. And at last check the RAM of your PC.



2.Internet is not working: This is one of the most common computer problems which users face. If you want to fix this problem first you need to check the problem is from your internet provider or from your laptop. If the problem is coming from your windows laptop. First you have to check all the settings from the control panel. If everything is correct then check all the wires you connections, check is there any wire breakage or not. If everything is ok, then you need expert assistance for this problem.


3.Facing Pop ups issue: If you facing pop up issue in your PC while using the Internet then maybe you are facing the bugs or adware issue in your PC. To fix bugs in the computer you have to install and purchase a powerful antivirus for your laptop. Scan your computer with the antivirus program and it will scan all the files in your PC and detect the damaged and adware programs in your laptop and remove them from your PC. This will not only fix the pop up issue, it also removes all the junk files in your PC and speed up your laptop speed.  There is another way to fix the pop up problem which we mention below.

To fix the pop up problem first you have to go on the control panel on the Windows laptop. Then do the below mention procedure.

  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Here go to the Programs and Features
  • Here in the Uninstall the programs, select all the suspicious programs and uninstall them one by one.


4.Laptop showing too many Security Warnings: Mostly this happens because not correct date and time on your laptop. You need to adjust your date and time on the laptop.